This website includes my work as a visual artist and as a longtime stylist for print and TV—two very different expressions of a singular sensibility. I graduated SVA with a fine arts degree in painting and segued into a life on set. I discovered my passion for shooting and styling my own smaller and  more intimate projects. A focus on artisans has dovetailed with a rekindling of my love for painting and collage, facilitated by more time spent in my  home studio.

I strive to create compelling art and imagery out of found objects. In the discarded, the organic and the obsolete, I see history, character and beauty. In my hands, old kitchen utensils, industrial components, wild mushrooms—all chosen for their form, color and patina—are repurposed in graphic compositions and transporting still-lifes. From the detritus of the everyday, I envision something entirely new that asks us to reimagine what we take from the past and give to the future.
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